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7'0'' x 20 1/2'' x 2 3/4'' fully recycled carbon fibre surfboard.


THE WORLDS ONLY RECYCLED CARBON SURFBOARDS. Built Australia by Aerospace Engineers, these board are higher strength, lighter weight, and crack resistant than their competitors while also being responsive and flexible. Even better - they are FULLY SUSTAINABLE. If the board ever breaks, JUC SURF promises to fully recycle it at no added cost to the surfer so no material used in a JUC board ever enters landfill.
(EPS Core; Bio-epoxy construction; Recycled carbon fabric)


Winner of the JEC World start-up for best composite start-up of 2020.
Designed and built by a team of Aerospace Engineers.
Stronger, Lighter, Sustainable.

Aerospace Carbon Surfboard (7'0'' Hybrid Fish 45L)

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