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ABC News is Australia most watched and trusted source for news and current affairs. From the iconic soundtrack following ABC cartoons and subsequent Pendulum remix, this news station has played a major part in every Aussies upbringing. So when we were asked to do an interview for the 6 pm news during the height of COVID, we couldn't quite believe it.

Thank you to everyone from ABC News Australia for your enthusiasm and support of our start-up. We will never be able to fully express how appreciative we are.

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A silhouetted surfing airing on a wave b

World Surf League (WSL)

It doesn't get much bigger than World Surf League. The truth is we had no idea that the WSL even knew about us at the time this article was published. But it didn't take long before our phones were blowing up and we we're running out of Uni to celebrate. This article still stands out amongst the team as a 'holy crap' moment where we all knew that there was no limit to our ambitions and dreams.

Thanks WSL for giving a start-up like ours the platform to share our story and dream big!

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