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Dr. Filip Stojcevski (Co-founder, CEO) [Aero. Eng. PhD.]

Founder, CEO and head of logistics. With a PhD in Aerospace Engineering (Materials Science) and a career in aerospace research within Australia and Germany, Filip is using his analytical skill set to solve the problems of carbon fibre use in surfing.

(Dr.)* Andreas Hendlmeier (Co-Founder, Lead Materials Engineer) [Aero. Eng. PhD]

Andreas (Andi) brings Aerospace Grade German Engineering and quality to surfing. Having graduated as an Aerospace Engineer in Stuttgart Germany, Andi has worked at Ford USA and now finishing his PhD in Australia. This world class materials scientist knows carbon fibre better than anyone. But now he’s here to change surfing forever.

James Randall (Co-Founder, Lead Organic Chemist) [BSc. Chemistry PhD*]

The Walter White of carbon fibre. James is currently in the final stages of a PhD in Organic Chemistry and has pioneered the modern world of composites through an unbelievable track record of surface modification of carbon fibre that is now being used in the surfing world.

Luke Rosson (Team Rider, Engineer) [Mech. Eng. PhD*]

Luke is a Surf Coast local completing his PhD in Engineering. With the perfect skills of top class surfing, engineering knowledge and insane courage, Luke is the guy on the forefront of testing all experimental boards no matter how crazy.

Gabriel Raposo (Manufacturing and Quality Control) [Masters Mech. Eng.]

Born and raised on the Portuguese coastline, Gabriel has studied, worked and conducted research in Austria, Portugal, Germany and now Australia. His attention to detail and world class hands on fabrication skills are helping JUC to develop the next generation of high performance carbon surfboards.

Jack Buckley (Marketing Manager and Custom Relations)

With a well-founded history in marketing and sports relations, Jack is the marketing research engine of the team. Not only is he always keeping a keen eye on the surfing industry, but he is also happy to chat with all prospective collaborators and customers alike.

Catherine Fraser (Sustainability and Innovation) [Bsc. Chemistry]

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