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There's a reason why supercars and fighter jets use carbon fiber and not glass. And this is it for surfing. Say hello to the board that is going to change the world of surfing forever.


Our high performance board. Designed and tested by Aerospace Engineers. Created with CNC precision by master craftsman Michael (Vanda) Van Der Kloosen,  and made for the 1% of 1%. Be uncommon among uncommon people. The flex pattern, the weight, the shape - all designed for speed and performance.

High Performer (5'11'' Shortboard)

  • Length - (Optional*)

    Core - Stringerless EPS

    Glassing - 100% Carbon wrap (Pristine or Recycled CF - Optional*)

    Rails - Medium

    Fin System - Futures or FCS II (Optional*)

    Fins - 2 or 3 Fin (Optional*)

    Tail - Rounded

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